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New frontiers for children’s education!

In this article, we will talk about different aspects running around schools: educational models, biological food in school canteens and sustainable initiatives in school management.

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Attentive and individualized, the educational model proposed by Les petits plus (Lyon, France) is a true innovation in school system. Inspired by the Montessori Pedagogical method (“Help me to do it alone!”) and the Céline Alvarez  experimentation, the School of children and parents offer a special ecosystem for both:

  • Children are welcomed in groups of 12 where the relation with educators is very important (an adult each 3 kids), in order to permit everyone to learn in respecting his natural rhythms and talents. Children also learn how to take care of themselves and of common areas;
  • Parents can enjoy a co-working space, reconciling family and work aspects. In this way, children and parents can have lunch together, share moments to play, and mothers can also choose to nurse freely. Furthermore, parents actively take part to management of the school, by investing half a day per week in administrative and educational tasks (shared with school employees).

And what about costs? Fees depends on family possibilities and characteristics: generally speaking, the monthly average price is around €30,00 (more costs are added for the coworking area and the participation to workshops for parents and children).


Les Petits Plus does more for their families: they propose biological food for their activities and lunches.

This topic make me think about my hometown, Vittorio Veneto (Italy), where one day a person decided to do something in order to improve school canteen’s diet. A movement has been created, and now a lot of parents and citizens take part to Mensa Sana’s FB Page: informations about an healthier life-style are shared, conferences about nutrion are currently organized  and school canteens buy local and biological fruits and vegetables. What a great idea! I’m so proud of this initiative 🙂

As we are seeing, schools can commit themselves in many ways: another, different example, is the Ecolo-Crèche in France. The association’s mission is to improve children’s and worker’s life quality, by reducing the kindergarten’s impact on the environment. How does it work? Ecolo-Crèche aspiring schools are trained to implement several reflections and actions to achieve different objectives: breathe better, eat better, be greener, energy, waste, water and money savings. Here’s some examples:

  • Waste reduction: raise of several used materials for a 100& recycled decoration and to create new and original toys;
  • Anti-food waste reflection: 100% bio-provision (purchase of products in bulk, fruits and vegetables from local farmers,…);
  • Reduction of energy consumption: investment in energy-saving materials.

Nowadays, there are around 250 kindergarten Ecolo Crèche® in France.

And what about you? Do you know about some school’s initiatives near you? Which is your opinion about these topics? Do you want to know more?

I can’t wait to hear your story! Do not hesitate, leave a comment below!

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