Article: #Travel

The future of travelling: meet the Other and have an impact!

This article is for those who love travelling not just to visit museums and historical beauties: I’m talking about travelling to meet people, find out yourself and have a local social impact.

Don’t stop reading! 🙂

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 I’ve always loved travelling and more than once, I’ve thought about travelling in a different way: I’m looking for something more than historical beauties lately. How can I do this without spending hundreds and hundreds of euros to go to Africa, Asia or South America to live “alternative” experience?

With great pleasure, I’ve find out something interesting, new initiatives that starts from a local point of view: here’s three incredible initiatives!

The case of Destinazione Umana (Bologna, Italy): the concept?

“Don’t’ ask you WHERE to go, but WHO you want to meet”:

  1. Choose your objective: personal change (for those who want to change their lives and know someone who already did it); innovation (for those who want to develop an innovating enterprise); rurality (if you want to get completely dipped by nature); spirituality (for a soul-searching travel).
  2. Choose an experience between those proposed;
  3. GO!

Another interesting proposition is that of Saint Petersburg Travel with A meaning (Russia): two special local hosts, mother and daughter, propose their guests to discover local culture and actively make an impact. What I’ve found the most meaningful, is that they’ve integrated “normal” travel’s plans with activities in local social organisations where visitors can:

  • Participate in wood carving at a historical shipyard;
  • Row and sail on Neva river with Russian youngsters on a hand-made boat;
  • Give a talk about your country or profession to inspire a kid;
  • Donate small amounts to support cross cultural activities of Russian youngstersst.

I’ve heard someone saying that the “future of travelling” is about creating a new travel “industry” where travellers have “positive economic, environmental, cultural and social impact for themselves, for the place and for residents”: this is the mission of Travel+SocialGood, an international non-profit community moving to promote a positive global impact.

What you have to learn from these positive initiatives? Even if you want to be independent and leave when and where you want, you can plan your next trip starting from a human and impactful objective.

So, what about you? Do you know other examples of local initiatives like these? Do you think that it can be repurposed near you? 

Do you believe in impactful travels?

Tell me more: leave a comment below! 🙂







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