Article: #Food

The power of food: responsible initiatives to share meals, taste innovative recipes and don’t pollute!

The pleasure of sharing meals with neighbours and strangers, the desire of trying new, tasty (insect!) dishes and doing something good for our planet by eating good quality, local products.

New approaches to our kitchen tables!


For me, tables are not simple wooden shelves: tables are able to fill a lot of different functions at the same time.

Firs of all, they permit people to meet each other: family, friends… And why not neighbours and strangers? Les Petites Cantines (Lyon, France) have found that 70% of the population (local information) have experienced loneliness: that’s why in 2016 they’ve created a “participatory canteen” where prepare meals together and share lunches and dinners become the perfect occasion to meet people and create positive neighbourly relations.

I personally participated to one of their lunches: I was working in Lyon and one day, my Boss and I decided to have an alternative lunch break. When we arrived, a friendly atmosphere welcomed us: took off the coat, we helped with the preparation of the salad and prepared the table. In a short time, we were around 20 people, from different nationalities, ages and professions, eating together at the same table.

It was wonderful, interesting and enriching!

By talking with the founders of Les Petites Cantines, they’ve explained us that they follow two missions at the same time: a social one (create positive and useful relationships between neighbours), and an environmental one (buy biological and seasonal food, in order to be sustainable and improve the local economy).

Eat With is another interesting initiative for sharing meals, especially thought for travellers: while exploring your town, or travelling to a new city, this online platform permits you to easily have access to local hosts that propose you to share the meal by paying a reasonable contribution. If you’re travelling alone – or in small groups – and you’re not too shy, try this promising alternative to ordinary fast-food!

I want to finish this article by talking about another wonderful experience that I’ve lived in Lyon (France).

While there, I had the opportunity to meet the founder of an incredible new food-startup: In – The Earth’s Food develops food products based on insects, in order to decrease the environmental impact of our nutritional lifestyle.

In the occidental vision of food, insects are not covered, but it’s common knowledge that they have an important nutritional content (insect’s proteins can easily replace a portion of meat) and are less polluting than animal farms (which are “responsible for the production of 15% global greenhouse gases” – FAO).

Therefore, In is trying to propose this unusual ingredient by mixing insects powder with vegetable meals to create a tasty hamburger to serve with caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, salad and a sweet and sour sauce. I’ve tasted it and… It’s amazing! I LOVE IT!

For the same price of a beefsteak, this nutritional alternative can permit all of us to decrease our consumption of meat and assume a healthier and greener lifestyle 🙂

And what about you? Do you know other initiatives like these near you? Which is your opinion about these topics? Do you want to know more?

I can’t wait to hear your story! Don’t hesitate, leave a comment below!

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