Article: #Agriculture

Agriculture 2.0: innovative ways to permit everyone to produce (and consume) local vegetables in town!

Are you looking for some excuses to not cultivate a garden? This time is over! Even if you live in an apartment, discover how to cultivate an “online-garden”, where to find a public or private garden-sharing and start using same apps to consume local products!


I’ve always dreamt of cultivating a little field, but I always had an excuse to not do it: “I don’t have enough space in the garden”, “I live in an apartment, where should I cultivate?!”, “I don’t have the time…”, “I don’t have a green thumb, I will kill all the plants!”.

The time of excuses is over: thanks to the internet, new initiatives are promoting the consumption of local vegetables and the access to agriculture to all (old, young, students, parents, tourists…)!

Here’s the first solution that I want to talk you about: Korto (Torino, Italy). In a few steps Korto permits you to create your own online-garden and receive weekly the products you’ve “cultivated” online. In detail, this is the process:

  1. Create your own online-garden by choosing type and quantity of vegetables that you want;
  2. Your products are cultivated (for real!) by Korto’s farmers;
  3. You can follow the progress and the growth of your products via webcam;
  4. Receive your vegetables once a week;
  5. (Optional) If you want, every Saturday morning you can go to Korto’s field and picking your products!

It’s amazing! Don’t you think?


The second experience that I propose you is about to get in touch with neighbours to share a garden where to cultivate vegetables. The price? Sharing the harvest 🙂 The mechanism is simple:

(a) Do you have a garden that you are disposed to share? Post an ad in the website; (b) Are you looking for a garden near you? Post an ad in the website:

(a) +(b) = the perfect match!

This is the French initiative Plantez Chez Nous, now expanding in Switzerland and Belgium: an interesting alternative to “public gardens” (often accused to be overcrowded), like the French jardins partagés and the Italians Giardini Condivisi (Milano, Parma,..).


To finish this article, I invite you to find out some mobile apps to easily improve our commitment for an healthier planet. Some examples are Yes We Green, One Heart, L’orto in tasca, Cortilia and Naturmia, to consume local and adopt a greener lifestyle.

Discover more apps here!



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