What Can You Do?

1 MINUTE = 1 action

 You do not have to devote your entire life to do something good.
You can change the world at any time, at your rhythm.
Do we start?

1. Get informed

Yes, you’ve already heard it, but GET INFORMED is the best way to learn, understand and build a personal opinion about all topics.
Where can you find all the information you need? You can choose between online and offline MAGAZINES, FILMS, BOOKS, Blogs, Websites, Mobile APPSEVENTS and official meetings.

Now it’s your time to discover how beautiful is the world made by positive initiatives!

Find your Medium

2. Support organisations and initiatives

Maybe you already know about associations, social enterprises or other positive initiatives near you, or maybe not: in both cases, I invite you to discover a bit of theirs activities and propositions in order to support them. You can demonstrate your support in many different ways, depending on what you are disposed to do:

  • FOLLOW them (a little Like in their Social Networks pages, a subscription to the Newsletter, …): especially through social networks, you have the possibility to get in touch with them and the power to exprime yourself (explain your needs and what they can do for you, give positive and negative feedback,…);
  • DONATE (money, time or competences): if you didn’t know it, even the smallest  action can have an huge power. So don’t hesitate, follow your instinct and help out!
  • PARTICIPATE to their events, they are made to involve you and let you feel comfortable about their value proposition (=what they believe in). You could not always agree, but it’s one of the best way to discover it;
  • ANSWER to theirs surveys (the idea is to do a better job and be as useful as possible for the society/community).

Support an initiative

3. Act responsibly and consciously

I know, sometimes it’s hard to do it, but we don’t have to give up! Start from the beginning:

  • Buy and consume LOCAL, ORGANIC and FAIR products: this is one of the topics that I care most about, because I LOVE eating well by respecting the earth’s rhythms and local environmental characteristics. What you can do? Go to your local fruit and vegetable market (the perfect occasion to talk to producers and discover where the products come from and how they’re produced); frequent fair and biological shops;
  • RECYCLE: we are used to buy an object every time we feel like it, throw away a t-shirt just because it has a little hole. Try to buy just when it’s strictly necessary and fix what you can reuse. And of course, recycle wastes by doing the separate collection.
    Here’s an interesting video about how recycling works;
  • REDUCE your emission of pollution and reduce the quantity of waste you produce (in the short, medium and long time). You don’t know how to do it? Surfing in the net, you can find tools to mesure your impact that can help you be more aware about your consumption lifestyle (press the button below to learn more about that!).

How to act responsibly

4. Invent what doesn’t exist!

What you are looking for doesn’t exist? Make it up! You have the power of improving our society, your community, your entourage.
So take the time to think about it alone or with other motivated people and create NEW INITIATIVES, new organisations, associations, NGOs, social enterprises, cooperatives, or new social and environmental movements or even some EVENTS to promote positive values near you.

How to create something new

5. Experiment

One of the most amazing ways to have fun and be useful is TRAVELLING: if you surf in the net you can find hundreds of initiatives that permits you to join a social/environmental organisation as a volunteer or a worker.
But you don’t necessary have to get away from home to do a good action: look around you and discover where you can bring your help to.
I did it many times in different countries, that’s why I suggest you to become a VOLUNTEER,  if you can TRAVEL and WORK FOR A CAUSE.

Commit yourself


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