#Opportunities: Impact Business Bootcamp

Figure out how to grow a business that makes a dollar and a difference.

Growing a business that tackles these issues means you need to learn the fundamentals of social impact business. Because of this, we’ll get you a weekly series of foundational videos so you can stay true to your process AND purpose when the large majority of competitors are using an entirely different and more unethical slate of rules.

The Impact Business Bootcamp –
Social Change Nation

If you are…

-Still searching for your social impact business idea

-Struggling with the ‘balancing act’ between making a dollar AND a difference

-Deciding on a product or service that’s relevant to you and meets B Corp standards

-Wondering how to charge the money you’re worth and not confuse impact with ‘cheap’

-Trying to find a team that’s equally on board with you

-Not sure how to get the time and support to survive while figuring out the business

-Or just needing a blueprint to bring your impact business idea to life

Then the Impact Business Bootcamp was made for you…

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