#What Can I Do: I Estimate My Impact On The Climate

Various gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), are responsible for what is called the greenhouse effect. It is a natural and necessary phenomenon for our existence. Without it, it would be -18°C on the surface of the globe and any human life would be impossible! Nevertheless, human activities are contributing to the rapid increase in these greenhouse gas emissions that are causing current climate change. It is therefore essential that we all take into account the impact of our activities on the climate, and act accordingly by trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

The calculators proposed allow you, in a short time, to estimate the impact on the climate of your activity. These calculators are based on the Bilan Carbone® methodology developed by ADEME and now distributed by the Bilan Carbone Association (A. B. C.). Above all, they want to be tools of awareness. It is not an exhaustive assessment but a summary diagnosis focused on the main emission headings of entertainment and event activities.

Good Planet Footprint Calculator


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