Behind The Project

We often hear about natural disasters, economies and societal systems that are falling apart: a big black hole in which the entire world is sinking.

Fortunately, there are people all around the planet,
some small twinkle lights, that are moving,
 acting, alone or with others,
to make the world a better place to live in.

With this project I’d like to:

1. Give visibility to local, positive initiatives;
Create connections between people and positive initiatives, in order to offer a good source of information and stimulate the replication of positive initiatives.

That’s why, everything that I’ll learn during this adventure, I’ll organize it in this blog:

“I dream about bringing people closer to local initiatives coming from all over the world”

Who Am I?

about_2_biancoWhen someone asks me which are my ambitions, I answer:

“I’d like to change the world!”

Nice to meet you!
I’m Francesca: 25 years old, Italian, with a huge desire of improving our world by DOING something with a deep social and human sense.

What can you do… to contribute to the project?

Today I start alone this chapter, but to make it useful for all of us, I do really need your help:

feel free to send me (in almost every language! Italiano, English, Français, Español) everything that can permit this experiment to grow (new realities, experiences, contacts, websites, articles, books,..).

Together we can create a map of all the alternative, sustainable, positive realities existing or emerging: for a better future!


With love,